We are currently ofering a free EV car charger with your PV installation

Delivering Solar Solutions in Ireland since 1993

Why not link your Solar Panels to your EV Charger?

    To see if you are eligible for a complete solar solutions in your home or business, simply enter your Eircode, the make and model of car and we can give you a no commitment estimate quote. We offer a range of solutions and will assess your best option and provide you with a quote to complete the work less the grant.

    How this offer works:

    To see if you qualify, simply fill in the details in the form above. Using your Eircode, we will see if you are eligible for Solar Panels and an EV charger installation.

    If you are eligible, we will provide you with a no committment quoatation.

    Currently the SEAI are offering homeowners a grant of up to €600 to support the installation of an Electric Vehical charger at home and €3,000 grant off the cost of installing PV Solar panels.

    The EV grant is available to purchasers of both NEW AND SECOND HAND electric cars.

    The grant is available for all EV installations for domestic and commercial car charging.
    • Market Leading technology
    • We are accredited to SEAI, ESB and RECI.

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    Why Wyse are the #1 Solar choice in Ireland?

    Wyse Solar Solutions have been in the Solar business in Ireland since 1993.
    • We were the first company in Ireland to be involved with generating grid connected PV electricity and sell the excess back into the grid.
    • We will supply and install the car chargers so you only need to engage with one contractor.
    • Wyse Solar was the first solar company to have practical experience in Ireland of solar water and electricity systems, thus allowing us to design a detailed energy analysis of each particular installation.
    • We have the largest number of installations of Photovoltaic systems in Ireland.